Friday, 4 November 2011

My First Post - Revisited

As part of the celebrations for my 500th blog post I thought I'd have a look at my first post and revisit the people who commented.
It was Amy who got me into this (you have a lot to answer for Amy ha ha) as my first post was to enter her Bloggers' Quilt Festival in Spring 2009.  I shared my "Norfolk" quilt:
and at that time my blog was called Online Quilting.
(And I've just noticed that I have the quilt upsidedown in the photo - or the boats are sailing on a very choppy North Sea!)
Nine lovely people commented on my first post.
1.  Zonnah writes Snip.Sew.Send an online quilting bee and her most recent swap was Wonky Stars which look really great.  She also writes at Zonnah's Addictions and is currently showing some great photos from a trip to the beach.
2.  Carol from bonny Scotland but currently living in Tennessee, USA, blogs at Stitch Across the Border.  She is well up to speed with her Christmas projects (note to self....Advent panel!) and has some wonderfully inspirational posts and photos on her blog - love the peeling bark Carol.
3.  Kwiltmakr (Marlene) blogs from mid-west USA at Under the Rose and is currently having a de-clutter!  She hasn't posted much recently as she's been renovating her home (not a voluntary makeover, more an urgent rebuild).  It looks great now so I hope you have time to sew again soon Marlene.
4.  Happy Cottage Quilter will be on many of your blog lists, she has nearly 900 foloowers, posts frequently and also has a wonderful blog that she calls her "thriftin blog", Just a Little Southern Hospitality, which is a wonderful collection of all things antique, recycled and pre-loved, all beautifully arranged and photographed, such an inspiration.  I want to have tea at your house soon HCQ.
5.  Hetty in Toronto, Canada, has several blogs on the go but if you pop over to Crafts and Stuff you'll see the great hexagons she's currently addicted to. Hetty is a prolific quilter and her blog is a lovely mix of quilting and posts of everyday life in Ontario, cakes, flowers, family, all yummy things.
6.  Nicolette blogs from Holland, across the North Sea from me, and has many inspirational projects on her Tangled Textiles blog.  She works with a group of cyber stitchers on regular textile challenges.  The last one was on the theme of "Tools" and produced a great variety of interpretations, the next, due for completion in January 2012, is called "Look Up".  I'm looking forward to seeing what results from that.
7.  Jill, also in Canada, blogs at The Quilt Rat and is an artist in many media.  She is currently sharing her paper cutting designs, like the snowflakes we used to make as children but much, much more detailed and awesome.  I love the insects one, it could lead to a Hawaiian-style quilt with a difference.
8.  Amy herself left a comment on my first post.  You must all know Amy and her great blog but in case you've been missing out, here's a link:  Amy's Creative Side.  Amy, living in Utah, USA,  lives, sleeps and breathes quilting, blogging and inspiring us.  Thanks Amy.
9.  The final comment on my first post was from Stitchinpenny,  who lives in Florida, USA.  Penny makes the most of all her blessings as well as creating some lovely quilts.  Health can be an "issue" for her so pop over and give her a hug when you have a moment.
As a thank you to these lovely people who took the time to write me a comment and who encouraged me in my new venture into blogging I'm going to give them a free entry into my 500th post giveaway.  Watch this space as they say!
DH is still poorly (he has a nasty cold) so I'm now going to sit with him and continue with sashiko stitching my latest quilt.  It's therapeutic for me although I'm not sure it doesn't anything much for Al.  Have a great weekend.


  1. 500 Lis, congratulations. Your posts are always interesting to read. I hope Al gets better soon.

  2. Nearly 500 posts, thats amazing! your festival quilt is lovely, i dont remember seeing that one before!

  3. what an impressive list of talented quilters! Congratulations for approaching the 500th post, it takes a lot of committment to write as much as you do.

  4. Congratulations for getting to your 500th post. Mine is just getting up to 300. I love the quilt, even if it is upside down!

  5. Congratulations Lis... I am sew pleased I found you and have been able to join you on your blogging journey!
    Hope AL feels better real soon...

  6. Of all those bloggers out there, how lucky I am to have found you in my first year of blogging.Now I might have to go back and see all that I have missed. Hope Al is on the mend.

  7. What an achievement - congratulations! You did well to get such an impressive following at such an early stage. I'm afraid you'd be in poor company if you looked back at my first post. Comments - nil, photos - nil, and not really much to say.
    Teresa x


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