Sunday, 18 November 2012

Autumn Sunshine

DH and I are just home from a lovely walk along the canal in Horncastle and then roast lunch in our favourite local cafe.  It's still frosty in places and still only 4C but the sunshine is glorious, I love days like this.  Now DH is lighting the fire and I'm going to do some work on the wedding quilt - the central panel, an update will follow in a few days.


  1. It was certainly a beautiful day for a walk today. The trees look wonderful with th elight coming through the leaves. A real fire sounds wonderful too on this cold evening.

  2. Your autumn foliage in the UK is 'greener' than that of Tokyo. Here the cherry trees are now a lovely orange-red-purple-yellow-green hue.
    Looking forward to seeing work in progress on the wedding quilt.

  3. It was 4 degrees here in Tokyo when went out for rice delivery this am but not a whole lot of color in my neighborhood. A trip to Hakone earlier in the week had much more color.

  4. Lovely autumn leaves. I can only think of one thing, eco-dyeing! Have a lovely week Lis and Al - Hugs Nat

  5. Such glorious colour in those leaves Lis have a great time with Sam and DH. I had a sleepover with my grandsons last weekend. Simply glorious.


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