Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Wedding Quilt and a Charity Shop Delight

Yesterday I went to my quilt group, Country Roads Quilters.  We were in a new, larger venue and we discussed having an open day as we can now welcome some additional members.  We're going to hold the open day on 15th January 2013.
I managed to get some stitching done too and can show you the central Lovers' Knot panel for the quilt I am making for DS and DDiL2B.
The next step will be to layer this block and quilt it.  I am going to use the 'quilt as you go' way of quilting as the sections will be different from each other and require differing treatments.  This one I am going to shadow quilt, I haven't decided on pink or cream thread, what do you think?

I wanted to share my little charity shop purchase with you today, I am so pleased with it.  This lovely pressed glass covered butter dish was exactly what I was looking for.
Today is wet and dull but I don't mind as I am sitting in DD's house waiting for my scrumptious Sam to come home from school.  Saz has gone to Tunisia for a well needed bargain break in the sun (hopefully) and Al and I are on grandparent duty and loving every minute.


  1. The centre panel is looking lovely!

  2. That Lovers' knot is looking great; your work is so neat. I would go for cream to make the bias tape work stand out.
    Whay a good find! There are not a lot of people using butter cases any longer as they buy tubs of margarine. For us who prefer 100% natural and stick to butter this is a great thing to put on the table.

  3. my vote is for cream - there is a man involved in this venture, he may appreciate a break from the pink. the butter dish is great, enjoy.

  4. Love the knot. Love the dish. Love to hear you are having fun with Sam.

  5. Your work is terrific, I love the lovers' knot and how neatly you have made it.
    The butter dish is very pretty, it is so pretty that I would rather use it to keep my sewing tools!

  6. I have been looking for one of those butter dishes for an age. They are very difficult to get as mostly the lids have been broken. We had one when I was a child. It was that green Depression glass so I'm feeling a bit sentimental about getting one.

    The wedding quilt blocks are looking gorgeous. I like my quilting to be unobtrusive and not fight with the blocks.I would quilt in the cream, but that's just a personal preference, Lis.


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