Friday, 30 November 2012

My Day

DH got up while it was still dark this morning and went for a day out at Duxford to look at aeroplanes. I wasn't even slightly tempted.  This was my day.

Put on glittery festive wellies and get set to go out into the cold, cruel day 
(although the sun was shining beautifully in the 1C frost)
Cut various branches, red dogwood, yellow twisted willow, 
lots of colours and textures
Put on a suitably festive CD
"Weave" (I use the word loosely in deference to Jean, Bryan and others) 
my harvest of branches through the stair rails
Add fairy lights
Add angels, gold ribbon and lametta


  1. How beautiful Lis! And how lovely to bring nature indoors. My friend used to bring in Forsythia stems at Christmas and decorate them and gradually the flowers would open in the warmth.

  2. What a great collection, I can see why Itwas (a) better than panes, and (b) worth going outside in the cold! I'm of to do wicker weaving omorrow with a friend. I don't know any more than that, or I didn't until she texted to tell me to wrap up warm!!!

  3. What a warm welcoming Al got on his return home from studying the planes. You are so gifted and thoughtful.

  4. How lovely - what a great idea. It certainly looks so very pretty!

    It's not cold and miserable here in New Zealand though. Today is officially the first day of summer in my part of world!

  5. Your creation is really beautiful, festive and full of love.
    Especially the love makes me think that maybe one day I will wish to celebrate Christmas again (after last year's disaster).

  6. I was out gathering pine cones and branches with my partner (I found a good one last spring just after you left , perhaps a keeper) to make Christmas wreathes this morning. I snowed lightly this afternoon. I need to dig out my Bob Dylan Christmas album. He does a beautiful , Do you hear what I hear. Enjoy the season Liz. bryan

  7. 'I' didn't in fact snow. I washed my hair last night. The sky did.

  8. love your weaving, Lis, it is so natural and beautiful with the twinkly lights. I need to get myself in the festive mood. No snow here - just rain and more rain.


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