Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A Fortnight in Photographs

We had a few days away in Norfolk.  
Grandad and Sam enjoyed the sunshine.
Sam tried out my crutch.
We went on a boat trip on the Broads.
And didn't let Sam escape overboard.
We had fish and chips for lunch.
And fed the ducks.
We went to the Apple Store in Norwich.
And enjoyed the playground in Gold Park.
We had yummy ice cream.
And tried out the exercise machines in the village.
A sea fret came in and blocked out the sun on the coast.
We went to the lighthouse at Happisburgh.
The countryside is green and alive.
Nature is claiming back this building.
Maybe a quilt design?

I'm still resting my foot, it is in its plaster cast and my appointment to see the surgeon has been put back until 17th June - my foot is getting very itchy!
This weekend I am planning to go to the quilt show at Springfields in Spalding, it's a new show in the Grosvenor calendar.  A dear friend has agreed to both drive me to Spalding and push me around in a wheelchair - I think I will owe her lunch at least.  Watch out for another photo-heavy post about the show.
Mr and Mrs Paul, my DS and DDiL, are coming for lunch on Sunday, it'll be the first time I've seen them since their wedding so I'm pretty excited!
Summer seems to have arrived in England, hooray, hooray.  I shall take my laptop out into the garden tomorrow and catch up on emails and blogs (no broadband at our bach in Norfolk), apologies if you have felt ignored while I've been away.
I have been doing some stitching, especially on my Fuji-san piece, I'll share soon.


  1. I enjoyed every minute of your stay in Norfolk :-) It's lovely to see the sun again and get some warmth. I hope you enjoy the show at Spalding. It clashes with Patchings Art Festival and a quilt that is demanding my attention for FOQ so I'm not sure if I will get there.

  2. Great pictures of a great family!

  3. I am so happy to see that some sunshine and warmer weather has reached the UK. We're blessed with the most fantastic sunshine and DRY air - and are in the rainy season!
    Great pictures of your fortnight.
    I hope your foot is healing well.

  4. Looks like a great time was had by all!!

  5. It is good to get some sun at last.It makes holidays so much better.

  6. What a great time you all had ! Enjoy the show x

  7. --looks like a lovely time was had by all. that's a huge plate of fish and chips for such a little guy. did you knit his sweater?

  8. What gorgeous photos, Lis. There's a lot of love evident in them all. Did Sam a eat all those mushy peas? Will definitely be exciting to catch up with the newlyweds. Have fun.


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