Saturday, 8 June 2013

Springfields Quilt Show 2013

Ros did sterling work yesterday as driver in charge of my wheelchair and we hardly crashed into anything.  We both thoroughly enjoyed the Spring Quilt Show at Springfields in Spalding, the first show organised by Grosvenor at this venue.  I hope it become a regular fixture in their calendar.  A date has been published for next year:  30 - 31 May 2014.  It wasn't a massive show but it was big enough, we were there all day and saw everything, shopped and did a great workshop with Linda Turner.  Just right I thought.  The catering was varied and good value, the lighting was fine and there was plenty of room to enjoy the quilts on display.  I spoke to a couple of traders who were a bit disappointed with sales yesterday so I hope they have a better day today and are willing to come back to Spalding next year.  If I had a criticism it would be that the quilts weren't hung as professionally as I would expect, some were very crowded together (for example in the first picture below) and some were "ruched" up.  I thought you'd like to share the day, so here goes:

Linda Turner had an exhibition of some of her wonderful quilts, mainly landscapes.  Apologies for the angle of some of my photographs and, as ever, if you appear in one of my pictures but would prefer not to be on my blog, please email me and I'll remove the photograph.
This quilt, "Reflections" uses the technique we learned in our one hour workshop with Linda, using Markel Paintsticks on fabric to create landscapes.
 Brushing the oil paint onto the fabric using a torn edge of paper as a stencil line.
 An example of Linda's work - I'll share mine when I've finished the stitching.

I was impressed with the work of two other quilters in particular, the incredible appliqué and quilting of Liz Jones and the beautifully textured, embellished work of Sally Holman:
 Sally Holman and Janet Cook, "Streak of Lightning"
 Liz Jones, "Shadowland"
 Liz Jones, "Feathered to the Nines"
 Liz Jones, "Tudor Rose"
 Some of Sally Holman's lovely work inspired by the coastline of Norfolk:
To finish my report from the Springfields Quilt Show, this lovely homage to Jane Austen, made by Bee Barford for the South West Quilters' Chairman's Challenge 2013, "As the saying goes..."  
The quilt is titled, "It is a Truth Universally Acknowledged, That a Single Man in Possession of a Good Fortune, Must Be in Want of a Wife", inspired by Austen's coverlet at her home in Chawton, Hampshire.  The central swans were made by Bee, who has only been quilting for two years, in Russian tape lace.
Today I'm having a quiet day, watching the webcam of the Peregrine falcon chicks on the spire of Norwich Cathedral, one of four left to fledge:


  1. I recognise a couple of people in your photos :-) I wish I'd gone to Spalding instead of Patchings now! You're right, Sally Holman's work is fantastic. Wish I could have seen it all. Thanks for posting next year's dates.

  2. Really brilliant photos, can't have been easy taking photos from a wheelchair. Pleased you had a good time

  3. Thank you for taking me to the show, or rather taking the show to me. It is always inspiring to see others' fantastic quilts. I love the Norfolk landscape quilts and the workshop looked like it would give stunning results. Looking forward to seeing it. I am glad you had a great day out with Ros.

  4. i love Sally Holman's landscapes, in fact looking at your photos i found i was drawn to all landscapes! glad you had a good time, thanks for sharing

  5. Thank you for showing us some of the Spalding show.Perhaps it will take off as it will be closer than Birmingham for quilter living in the East.

  6. How interesting, it is always inspiring seeing other people's work!


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