Monday, 10 June 2013


Here are some of the goodies I brought home from the Springfields Quilt Show
 This Liberty lawn and furry fabric are going to be a summer case for my MacBook Air
 This piece of London map printed 80% linen was an impulse buy....
it may become a cushion
 These five FQs were a "special" and will probably become a bag
 I went somewhat crazy at the Images of Egypt stand, lots of potential here
And, of course, I had to buy a basket to hold all my goodies.


  1. thanks for the photo trip to the show with you. you are one enthusiastic shopper - want to go back to the silk shop in Tokyo??? love the London map.

  2. great purchases. i love the map fabric.

  3. That's a lovely lot of fabric, indeed. Yes, I love the London fabric too.

  4. I have saved a lot of map-printed handkerchiefs thinking some day they might get used quilt-wise. Nice buys!

  5. Wonderful impulse buy. I love that blue basket with arrow weaves all over it. Egypt stand, how yummy!

  6. You have a great sense of beauty and went home with a good haul. Was the basket large enough for your purchases?

  7. Being in a wheelchair certainly didn't seem to slow you down. Love all your shopping in Tokyo sounds grand. Maybe we could all do a reunion tour.

  8. Well done, Lis! A good hunt.

  9. I would love some of that "London" fabric. Is there a link I could look up?


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