Friday, 21 June 2013

Textile Therapy

My Indigo Sister, Blandina, posted today about her stitching and included a link to the work of Wendy Golden-Levitt on textiles as children's therapy.  I was so moved by and impressed with the article I am sharing it here:

textile therapy

Have a good weekend, we are with Daddy to mark his 80th birthday, I won't say "celebrate" as he really isn't in a place to have a happy birthday but 80 years on this earth needs more than a passing mention.


  1. 80 years is a great achievement and deserves marking. I hope your weekend goes well. x

  2. Would you be able to pick 7 different flowers on that meadow? In Sweden such a bunch of flowers placed under one's pillow at Midsummer enables one to dream about a future husband... and I am already married!

  3. What an amazing form of therapy, I suppose it explains how some children get attached to a "blankie". Hope Daddy enjoyed his day


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