Saturday, 11 October 2014

Crafts and Plants in Auckland

At the Botanic Gardens in Auckland there are always interesting sculptures to enjoy.  The ones that caught my eye particularly on my most recent visit were "Caught in the Act of Losing You" by Colleen Ryan Priest, inspired by the giant cane rush, Sporadanthus ferruginous and "Splayed" by Regan Gentry, a botanical specimen made from a collection of shovels (and framed by glorious Sakura).  In the Potter Children's Garden was this mosaic in pebbles by John Bottica, "Frangipani".

There are always events taking place and the current one is a celebration of harakeke (phormium/flax) used by the Maori for their weaving and fibre qualities.  It is used for matting, clothing and containers.  I was unable to join a weaving workshop but enjoyed the examples of work on display.  The photographs were taken through glass cases, apologies for reflections etc.

These bags (kete waikiro) were made by Janie Randerson.

This seed capsule and the bag decorated with peacock feathers were woven by Kerry Gillbanks.

The fan of the harakeke plant represents the family (whanau), with the central shoot being the baby and the outer leaves, the parents.  There is a strict protocol to growing and harvesting the harakeke and cultivars are selected on the basis of their strength, quality, durability and colour.


  1. Thanks for sharing your holiday snap shots. It is amazing to see sakura blossoming in autumn (I mean when it is autumn here).
    Stay in touch when you can but most of all, enjoy the rest.

  2. Fascinating! Thanks for the tour! Hope you are having a fab time

  3. great pictures, have a wonderful time. thanks for sharing.


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