Sunday, 26 October 2014

Meeting of the Oceans

After a couple of quiet days I have started a new piece of stitchery today.  
We are at BiL for the weekend, which includes Monday as it is a public holiday, and then we are heading south to explore Wellington. 
We have never spent time in Wellington during past visits other than going to Te Papa, the wonderful museum of New Zealand, and having an overnight stop prior to or after crossing between North and South Islands on the Interislander ferry.  As Wellington is the capital city of NZ this seems rather remiss so we are going to stay for a while and enjoy the city and the culture.
Back to the sewing.  
This piece is inspired by the "meeting of the oceans" off Cape Reinga in the far north. 
It will be a turbulent swirl of threads and stitches by the time I have finished.  The piece of embroidery I started at Kahoe is resting!  The next step is to add a tui bird and I am having difficulty getting the outline just right.


  1. Can't wait to see the finished piece. Your travel pieces deserve an exhibition of their own

  2. sounds like you are having a wonderful time - and time to stitch, too.

  3. When you return home you might have a really good travel stitch diary to share with others in an exhibition or book! Good with the photo of your inspiration, too.

  4. Your stitchery looks intriging and I shall look forward to seeing it progress. Hope you've had a lovely weekend. Enjoy your next adventures. x


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