Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Tourist Trip

Today we have been to more of a touristy place than usual but it was brilliant and we had a really good time, especially Al who spent ages and ages speaking engineering to the main man.
The place was the Driving Creek Railway, just north of Coromandel.  Here are a few pics.  
Note: the creator of the railway, Barry Brickell, is a potter and, as well as his own creations, the railway is punctuated with those of potters who come to work with him.  


  1. Oh gosh, that looks fab, and a labour of love! I trust it's not as ramshackle as it looks!!!!

  2. Yes, it's a lovely ride, and as I'm sure you know, the railway was originally set up to carry the clay down from the hill to the work shop. It is a bit "ramshackle", although we haven't been there for some time. I believe the track has been extended since our last visit. Driving Creek will be top of list when we get to do our Far North Tour - it's a fun ride.

  3. Absoutely lovely scenes. Thanks for the camera tour.

  4. What a treat. Your holiday is certainly supplying some great experiences

  5. What a combination railway and potter? Nice place. We have been there!


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