Saturday, 18 October 2014

Northland Craft Trust

On our wet journey down from Kahoe we decided to stop in Whangarei.  We have previously visited the Town Basin which is full of cafes and interesting arts and crafts places but the Quarry Arts Centre, a craft collective, tempted us.  As fortune would have it, it turned out that yesterday was an open studios day so there was a lot happening in addition to excellent coffee and cake. As I couldn't be at Angela Daymond's Woad Weekend it felt good to be supporting other artists.

The centre is, as the name suggests, sited in an old quarry.  
A treasure trove of native plants and bird life filled the space and it was sometimes hard to judge whether what we saw was the recent installation of an artist or the remains of the space as a working quarry!
I spotted these great NZ themed printed prayer flags but unfortunately the textile artist was not in her studio.
All around were exciting sculptures, adding to the atmosphere of the quarry.
A resident potter was setting up a raku firing in an old bath.  It will be opened on Tuesday, I shall be sorry not to see the results.  
Meanwhile, I am making progress with my own work:


  1. The visit at the craft centre, the nature of NZ and the weather must have been a great source of inspiration. Your stitching is lovely.

  2. what an interesting place, love the rusty, corrugated metal and old walls - great texture. Stitching is looking good.


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