Friday, 17 September 2010

Friday Night Sew-In Report, September

Well, I've had a Friday Afternoon Sew-In or I suppose I've had a Friday Night Sew-In with anybody who's in Russia, China or Asia.  Please leave me a comment if you are, it would be lovely to know who I was sewing with. 
I wasn't sure I'd make this one and so am feeling very pleased with what I've achieved.  It was good that I had prepared a lot of this project before I got taken ill.
I got very comfortable, in bed, propped with lots of pillows, my bed covered by all my sewing things and some yummy food and drink on the bedside cabinet and then I got going with some fabric postcards.  These are for the current BQLPC swap.
The sashiko stitching was very therapeutic to do, as ever, (although my stitches are not as neat as usual) and cutting out the maple leaves from gorgeously textured and dyed vintage kimono fabric was a delight.  I had to drag myself to the iron to assemble the cards and then, after a nap, it was back to the hand stitching to add the beads and embroidered leaf veins.  I managed to sit at my machine to do the edges and am now feeling very shattered and waiting for my beloved to return from the shop with fish and chips for dinner before I sink into a deep slumber.
Anyone in the BQLPC group will notice that in my enthusiasm to be sewing again I even managed to make too many postcards!  Maybe I'll have to have a little giveaway soon, watch this space.
Thanks for hosting Heidi and here's hoping that while I'm sleeping everybody else will be having a great FNSI - I look forward to reading your reports tomorrow.


  1. Well done Lis! No wonder you need to sleep! They are absolutely gorgous, I'm really quite jealous I'm not in the swap! Have a peaceful weekend! Hugs :)

  2. These are gorgeous Lis! Yes please, it must be time for another giveaway, hint, hint! Hugs x

  3. Hi Lis - just popped in to say hello; we're in jude's C2C2 class together. Was going to say that if your inner control freak needs a good home I might benefit from the company. Then again you know what they say about being careful what you wish for. Glad you are on the mend enough to commence stitching.

  4. Truly beautiful postcards and yes hint hint if you are having a giveaway :-)

  5. The swirly sashiko makes me think of water. The fallen autumn leaves are floating on a gently flowing stream. Don't tell me - I'm stating the obvious and that was your plan!! They've turned out beautifully - the leaves must have been so fiddly to cut out!
    Teresa x

  6. Your postcards came out beautifully! Very expressive and autumn-y! I love your sashiko stitching.

  7. I really love the swirls. So pretty and fall-like.


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