Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A Strange Day

It's a very strange day today.  The weather is awful and I can't seem to get going properly although I have done a little sewing.
Earlier, between downpours, I went for a walk in the garden and found this:
It's a Pasque Flower.  Since when has Easter been at the end of September?  Things are pretty confused, it's not just me!
This is the finished quilt top from Jane Bottamley's class using Snowball and Framed Square blocks.  I'm not sure why it looks as if it has a vertical seam down the middle, it hasn't, maybe it needs a better press.  Isn't it strange how you sometimes can't see things until you look at them in a photograph?
As well as finishing assembling these blocks I've done some Cloth to Cloth today.  I wove a base cloth:
and as the technique we're learning is called "Double Weave" each warp and weft strip was two layers of fabric.  The idea is that we can use delicate fabrics, which wouldn't be strong enough for simple weaving, within the cloth and then expose them.  You can see some chiffon and lace peeking out.  So the next step was to start cutting.
I still can't resist being in control - I've created a Snowball block within my cloth!  It was interesting to anchor weave into the weaving, I enjoyed that although it was fiddly.  I will need to decide how to fix it all down, at the moment I've just machined a grid but it doesn't look right.
I'm going to make a nice cup of tea and start reading "The Patchwork Quilt" by Rose Boucheron which I found on the mobile library yesterday and maybe the day will become more ordinary.


  1. didn't notice the snowball effect in your cloth until you mentioned it. love the variety of cuts and weaves. i plan on doing some embroidery stitches on mine. as beautiful as that flower you posted is, it looks like it's crying. maybe it knows its time is not right.

  2. That flower does look kinda sad... but the snowball quilt made me smile, being red and white looks great! And only using 3 different fabrics.
    You've certainly been busy this week, with all that weaving too it's looking good.
    Take care now

  3. I like the look of the weaving method to use and showcase delicate fabrics and will be interested to see how it finishes up.
    Teresa x

  4. Your flower looks like I've felt the last few days!

    I love your snowball quilt - very cheery red and white.

    And your C2C weavings are looking good. It's very interesting to see what you're doing. It's making my fingers itch to go play with some fabric!


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