Monday, 27 September 2010

Pairing Up Workshop and More Cloth to Cloth

I recently enjoyed a workshop at Sew Creative (Wroxham Barns, Norfolk), called "Pairing Up" and tutored by Jane Bottamley. 
The idea was to create secondary patterns by using two patchwork blocks combined and paying attention to the colours and values used.  Jane brought some samples along, plus handouts for all the combinations she shared with us.
This was the design I had expected to do, Sawtooth Star and Churn Dash blocks.  I decided against it as it was the one with the smallest blocks and most pieces and I wasn't exactly running on full power!
I liked the simplicity of this combination of  Hourglass and Framed Four Patch.
The design I settled on was this pairing of Snowball and Framed Square.  I think I may well have been influenced by the colour combination Jane had used and the oriental look of the trellis-style secondary pattern.  I can certainly see myself doing this design using some of my Japanese fabrics.
As well as the handouts Jane had prepared samples to show how each block was constructed (and shared some good tips with us too).  She also gave us "blank" designs which we coloured in to develop our patterns.  Don't you just love it when a tutor is good?

Snowball block - without bias seams :)
Framed Square - without set in seams :)
Here's a close up of Jane's sample so you can see the details of the two blocks.
I worked much more slowly than usual as the workshop was my first "outing" after my stay in hospital but I managed to complete two rows of five blocks.  I've done some more at home and I'll share the finished project as soon as possible. 
I'm also working on Jude's Cloth to Cloth online workshop.  Today I've done some shaped weaving which has been interesting.  All samples, nothing finished but here's one piece (only pinned and tacked), I'm not sure where it's leading yet.
And this checkerboard style piece is destined to become a fabric postcard.


  1. Lis your work is beautiful! I also love the oriental look of those two blocks together, can't wait to see one in Japanese fabrics :-) Your course looks like it is a challenge and you are having fun as well!

  2. The workshop blocks look pretty neat. Like your progress on the woven samples.

  3. I love how 2 blocks can combine to make a completely different pattern! I like the way yours looks like it's woven together.
    Teresa x


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