Monday, 27 September 2010

My Furoshiki Bag

I don't know why it's taken me so long but I finally got around to making my furoshiki bag today. 
I worked from this video
and it took me only a few moments to create this lovely bag from a metre of fabric.


  1. How cute. I'm using mine all the time. I carry my lunch to work. I bought one that reverse able, not traditional like yours - Hugs Nat

  2. Lovely bag and the fabric is really great.
    I have a giveaway on my blog, you're welcome

  3. Lis that is lovely! I have one from a woven fabric that I use all the time, probably because I am not worried about filling it up with everything and dumping it on the floor while I am shopping...I think If I had such lovely fabric I would be scared to get it dirty :-0 Just catching up in blogland after sending the boys back to school and almost getting my bookwork up to date! Hope you are well, you seem to be creating lovely things xx


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