Saturday, 21 May 2011

Friday Night Sew-In: Saturday Morning Report, May 2011

Thanks to Heidi and Bobbi for hosting another great Friday Night Sew-In.  (Click on the button right to join in next month)  This is as far as I've got with my scrappy floral picnic cloth yesterday.  I've used all the six inch squares I got from Susan, the Quixotic Crafter, and now need to find something suitably summery for the border.  I was tempted to head off to the LQS this morning but think I might be better off looking at dress fabric.  I'm going to have a simple six inch border with contrasting floral corners and then I'll need to think about quilting but I want it finished to use this summer so it'll be something straightforward.  I love it already, thanks Susan.
On the subject of florals, the Californian poppies are looking splendid in the garden at the moment:
Have a lovely weekend and can I add two massive thank yous?
Thank you to all the lovely people who visited here during the Bloggers' Quilt Festival and left such lovely comments about my Manatees quilt.
Thank you to all my wonderful followers from Online Quilting and Sashiko Started It who have clicked that follow button here at Piece'n'Peace, you're the best.


  1. Love your quilt, so far. Such restful colors. And "your" poppy is gorgeous. Just think, we used to have fields and fields full of them. The old timers tell about seeing them. Sadly that time is over. Now you see a clump of them and are in awe.
    Hugs right back at you, Lis.

  2. lovely quilt Lis and what a pretty flower

  3. What a perfect quilt for a picnic, I am sure it will the set the lovely scene for lot's of precious memories to be made!
    Pretty poppy!

  4. hey, your poppy looks like my doilley!link now works prepare to cringe!!!! thanks for looking


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