Monday, 23 May 2011


I was talking to my friend Trish today as we are attending a Gail Lawther workshop soon and will be making a Japanese-style quiltlet.  Trish told me about a television channel, NHK, where she is able to keep up with how life is progressing in Japan now that we here in the west are not getting their news in our headlines anymore.
Then I came home and found that Susan Briscoe had posted this link on Facebook,
Yesterday I was catching up with some blogs and read one by Deb in Christchurch, NZ, who writes
"Here in our beautiful city life has changed forever and I think we are all slowly realising the fact. It is going to be many years until life returns to the “normal” we once knew and then it will be a new version of that which we will all have to get used too. All we can do is be there for each other."
I think Deb sums it up for all the places in the world hit by disaster of any sort.  Life will not be the same as it was before the event.  
These three things reminded me that I need to keep the people of Japan, New Zealand and elsewhere in my thoughts and prayers even if they are no longer in the news.  Thank you Trish, Susan and Deb.


  1. Yes lovely words and the rest of us must not forget.

    Lucky you going to a class with Gail Lawther. I have her book Glimpses of New Zealand and love her work. One of my friends and fellow quilters is in the photo on page 3 of that book. You might like to tell Gail her work has become very recognised with us and several ladies have made hangings using her instructions.

    I do hope that after my visit to your country I come home inspired to produce something artistic from my photos and memories.

  2. The news seems to move rapidly from one natural disaster to another until there are so many one's own seems small in comparison. Then there are the man-made messes of wars and no knowing what that new normal will be.
    Hooray for the quilting world where a few mis-placed stitches can be ripped out and done over and the baby doesn't care if one of the blocks on its quilt is upside-down.

  3. Too true - new news and disasters come along and it's generally only on an anniversary that the media 'goes back' to look at what's changed and there have been so many big natural disasters so far this year - Northern Australia, Brazil, New Zealand and Japan but also smaller ones for example just recently in Spain and Turkey - we all face challenges in our life's but many are nowhere near as challenging as what these communities have and are going through


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