Monday, 9 May 2011

Now what have I got myself into?

I'm finally out of bed and up and about now, although still taking it carefully after a nasty M.E. flare up.  It was particularly annoying as my quilting guru, Teresa, has been here with her DH for the week and I had all sorts of quilty outings planned.  Never mind, we did make it to the LQS, Camelot Crafts, and were very amused to see our respective other halves head for the tools display before enjoying a nice cup of tea courtesy of lovely owner, Wendy.

We've had time to chat and plan and I seem to have got myself into one or two projects!
Come and Join "Brit Quilt"
Lynne at Lily's Quilts has done what we've all been waiting for - UK quilters now have an online place to meet, get to know each other, chat and show off what they're working on.  The first project is going to be a Brit mini quilt swap but firstly we're getting to know each other.  No offence to all you lovely quilters in the rest of the world but it's nice to think we might actually meet up with a fellow BritQuilter at a local show or in the LQS.
The group is for any quilters living in Britain, long or short term.  So click here and go and join, add the button to your blog and spread the word amongst any UK quilters you come across in your blogland, flickrland, facebook, twitter or real life travels.  Look forward to seeing you there.
While I was at it I've signed up for a Charley Harper quiltalong at Ethne's blog.
Charley Who?  That  was my first reaction when Teresa mentioned it but fortunately she was armed with books illustrating his wonderful work and so I was inspired.  There's no time limit on this one and it's just for you, no swapping, and maybe an opportunity to get to know this artist and explore a new style.  More details and follow Ethne's posts forward for lots of inspiring pictures and a button for your blog.  I'll share the process on here but at the moment I'm just enjoying the designs and trying to decide which one inspires me the most.
Do you think technology has taken over our lives?
Thank you very much to Plum who sent me a lovely fabric postcard with her best wishes to me while I was feeling so unwell.  I've sent healing hearts etc to others in the past but this is the first time I've been a recipient.  Golly, it made me feel good, loved and cared about, so thank you Plum and, knowing how much I appreciated your kindness, you have inspired me to make sure I send even more quilty thoughts to those in need of them.
Also in the post I've recently received a lovely goody bag from Joan, my partner in the Global Piecers recent mug rug swap and above you can see that mug rug, mug carrier and other bits that I sent to Sal.  We don't use mug carriers very often but in US and NZ they use them to take their own mugs to workshops and classes.  I suppose our meetings are often in church and community halls that have their own kitchens and equipment.  It would save on all that washing up though!  
I have finally got back to stitching and completed the Patchwork in Perspective quilt top that I started in Exeter with Lynne Edwards in April.  I'm quite pleased with it and am looking forward to hand quilting it with a simple shadow quilting design so I don't distract from the geometry.
Time to start catching up with all your lovely blogs now...


  1. Pleased to hear you are up and about again definitely a good sign if you have been visiting quilt shops! Love the photo's DH and I joke that we should MSN each other on our computers at least he might communicate with something more than a grunt! Lol
    Take care and big hugs

  2. Sorry to hear you've been unwell and it looks as though you're on the mend. Loved the pic with of all the Laptops and the pic of your Lynne Edwards' quilt top, the perspective does look effective. Take care

  3. Glad to hear you are starting to pick up and feel better. I had to laugh at the techno pic, quite a familiar event in our house too! lol LOVE your perspective quilt, it's looking wonderful Lis! See you over in the Brit Quilt group :)

  4. That's such a shame that your ME spoiled your friends visit. I've joined Brit Quilts too - such a great idea.
    Teresa x

  5. Thanks you Lis for the lovely comments regarding the Brit Quilts Flickr Group and Swap not to mention the Charley Harper Quiltalong

  6. Just found a name check for me - thanks - and hope that your energy levels continue to improve. Don't overdo it, though!
    Looking forward to exploring the other interesting links in your post......

  7. Hi, sorry to hear you have been under the weather. I have been avoiding Flickr as it will be more time on the computer instead of sewing. There is a yahoo chat group (where I met Plum) called BQL (British Quilt List) that you could join too. There are usually several conversations going on, help and advice, and challenges and photos. We try to meet up at any of the quilt show too.


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