Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Welcome to Piece'n'Peace, my new blog for everything in my life.  I was juggling several blogs and decided it would be much more sensible to have them all in one place.  I hope all my lovely followers have arrived here intact and are happy to follow this blog - you'll get more for your clicks!


  1. Hello Lis, I'm here! I will be a better follower from now on. Oh when I get back from my trip to Japan, I will be a better follower! xoxo Nat

  2. Hi Lis, I love the look of your new blog and will definitely become a follower.
    Teresa x

  3. Hi Lis
    I've come from your old blog and I've signed up to follow you here!

  4. Lovely new blog Lis and I look forward to reading all the news from sunny Lincolnshire. The photos gave us a real laugh especially breakfast at Silicon Fen,

  5. Hi, love the new name. I saw the change on your quote to Plum, I know I've got shiny on my list of lovely blogs, and I recognisecthis as one I've visited too, just didn't realise they were both you!

  6. Hi Lis

    All done, new blog is up and running on my list

    Jenny from the Shaky Isles

  7. Sounds like a great deal I can always do with more for my clicks.....loved the baked beans and porridge comment!

  8. Does this mean you've got your act together?
    Keep well and keep posting.


I really appreciate your lovely comments, ideas and opinions, they make my day. Thank you for visiting Piece'n'Peace,
hugs, Lis x