Thursday, 26 May 2011

Sorry, no pictures

Some quilty goodness coming up.  I'm off to a new group tomorrow, the Mustard Seed Quilters.  They grew from the over subscribed group that I used to belong to.  I'm taking a pile of unfinished pieces to work on.
  • The Round Nara's Garden quilt that didn't get finished in time for Teresa to sleep under it.  It needs a border and then layering and quilting.  I'm hoping some lovely ladies will help with the tacking for me, many hands make this a much happier pastime.
  • The picnic cloth that I started on FNSI and which now needs the border and ditto - there's a theme emerging here, it seems I enjoy piecing but baulk at the finishing and layering and quilting!
  • I'm signed up for the quilt swap at Lynne's BritQuilt group and have made tentative plans towards this that probably involves buying more fabric!  I hope to get the background pieced tomorrow, it's going to be foundation pieced strips of lime green and purple, more about that later.
That will be it for sewing as its half term here and my DD and the wonderful Sam are joining me for a week of zoo visiting, swimming and a quick trip into the city (that's for DD and me, not GS Sam).  Have a great weekend whatever you're doing.

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  1. You are not the only one that baulks at finishing quilts, I had a few tops lying around and I decided the only way they were going to get done was to pay someone and I am so pleased I did as I now have three finished quilts:O)
    Have fun with your new quilting group tomorrow and your week with your daughter and Sam!


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