Thursday, 4 August 2011

Boy Are We In Trouble

While staying with DD I have been having a great time helping to look after DGS Sam.  This afternoon Saz was making cakes and Sam and I were in the garden.  I took my eye off the ball for a moment, heard a splash and a giggle and then looked up to see this:
One very soggy but cute looking grandson.  Got to love him haven't you?!
Another eye off the ball moment today was suggesting that we got to a local pizza place for lunch.  Hmm, bad mistake.  It's the school holidays, it was raining and for some unknown reason there were only two members of staff on duty.  The bill made me laugh, it stated "Service Not Included", yeah, you can say that again!! We decided to forgo desserts and coffee and have them elsewhere - hence Saz baking cakes this afternoon. 

We had a great time at Wisteria Patchwork yesterday.  Sam sat outside in the sunshine talking to three lovely black labradors and listening out for cockerels and tractors while Saz and I had a good browse and made some yummy purchases.  Saz now has three new projects, boy is she smitten with this sewing lark.  My purchases were less exciting in the main - needles, a thimble....but I did buy some spotty fabric to send to a friend (so can't show you it here) and also a Moda scrap bag.  I've never been tempted by these before but the colours of this one caught Saz' eye first as being ideal for my sitting room.  The fabric pieces are equivalent to jelly roll strips but have a selvedge too and at 1/2lb of fabric I think I've got enough for a lap quilt for the bargain price of £12.
I'm thinking something straightforward like "Rail Fence" to maximise the fabric I've got and make it a quick quilt to complete.


  1. Oh Sam! I'll bet you couldn't have caught him even if you had been watching. Is a rail fence really fast? It will be interesting to see what you come up with.

  2. What a cutie Sam looks standing in the pool, it could have been worse though - if he was sitting in it :-) much wetter!!
    A rail fence sounds good for that fabric. I love the colours and I'm sure it'll come together quickly.
    Teresa x

  3. How cute (kawaii)! I can see rail fence too. I have some of the savages if you need more you know where to find them - hugs Nat


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