Friday, 12 August 2011

Meeting a Lovely Lady, thanks to blogging!

What a great day I had yesterday when blogging and quilting came together again and led me to meeting a very lovely lady.  The connections were all very convoluted and show how small our world is and I had such a good time meeting Carin who is visiting UK from Japan.  We chatted, exchanged quilty gifts, had a drink and, of course, visited the fabric shop.  Thank you to Sylvia who made it happen.  When I met Carin I didn't know anything about the quilts she makes although we chatted about her love of stumpwork and about quilting in Japan in general.  She is one very modest lady.  When I got to a computer I checked out her website!  I suggest you do the same, she has done some amazing, amazing things.  The miniature quilt she has entered in Festival of Quilts this year is tiny and beautiful, like a jewel. 
Here we are at Wroxham Barns with all our empty plates!
Sylvia (on the right) used to own Sew Creative but has now retired and I understand might even have time to do some sewing soon!  She was very generous having learned that DD is starting to sew and gave her a big bag of gorgeous fabric pieces.  Saz couldn't wait until we got back to the bach, she attacked the bag in the car.
After DGS had gone to bed she spread them out all over the floor and starting planning some great little projects!
Oh and Sam and Al didn't miss out, here they are enjoying themselves and avoiding all things fabricy!
I hope everybody who is attending the Festival of Quilts is having a great time, I look forward to seeing all your photos and reports on your blogs.  I've had a good sewing afternoon, quite productive.  The Moda scrap bag is now a lap quilt top and all ready to quilt and I've tie-quilted the Round and Round the Nara Gardens quilt this afternoon so that just needs binding and a label and it'll be a finish and heading for my guest bed (at long last!)  I'm having a few days at the bach on my own now.  Al is doing hedge cutting and other manly things at home and Saz and Sam went home after lunch today.  The plan for tomorrow is to score a few more finishes and maybe treat myself by starting a new project - a table runner.


  1. Looks like you are having a great time :-)

  2. Lovely to meet blogging friends:-) I saw Carin's tiny quilt at FOQ. Amazing work!


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