Saturday, 6 August 2011


From grubs to kimono | The Japan Times Online

Here's some temptation for a wet Saturday! Read the article above. Then have a look at Nat and Bryan's blog
I am hoping to join the trip next to save the pennies and the yen but what a fantastic opportunity, priceless really.

Here's another opportunity of a very different kind...
Jacquie Harvey has designed a wonderful BOM which shares her wonderful handstitching techniques. It's open to everybody, worldwide, and starts in January 2012. The best way to join in is to be a Quilters' Guild member and join by email as it will only cost £10, that's in total, for the whole year's patterns and support from Jacquie. Non-members and those without email can also join but it will cost a little more. Application forms and more details are on Jacquie's website,  where you can also see more of her stunning work.  You can also contact Ros Peedle at QGBI Region 9
for more information.
That's enough temptation for one post.  My DH is on a jolly with his brother, it's raining and I've had to put the splint back on my knee after seeing the doctor yesterday - torn ligaments!  So, all things considered, I think it's a sewing day.  Have a great weekend.


  1. Lis, oh how very kind of you. You haven't seen nothing yet! Did you prayed at any shrine when you were in Japan? I did and it works for me very quickly! I will pray for you to join us so I can really give you a biggest hugs - Love Nat

  2. Japan sounds great, the knee less so. I couldn't get the jacquie Harvey link to work, is it me?

  3. Oh WOW Yes what an opportunity! How fabulous to see all that. I would love to join in but can't afford it this time round, I will just have to drool over your posts :-) Rest up and get that knee better for the adventure. I couldn't get the other link to work either?

  4. Lis I couldn't get the link on the picture to work but I did get the link to the website so it could just be my computer?? Look great too! :-)


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