Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Three for the Price of One

Three posts in one today as I've been without decent internet access for a while.  All we've been able to get is something that seemed even slower than dial-up.  DH was on the phone with our provider for hours last night and pushing all sorts of buttons and inputting various codes....still no better so I've left him and come to stay with DD and DGS for a few days (not really because of the internet thing but it is much quicker here!!)
So, firstly I finished my kimono fabric postcards and got them sent off:

Thank you for your suggestions, I went for adding a brooch pin to the back of the little kimono and then just attaching it to the postcard with five small stitches, enough to hold it but easy to remove should the recipients want to wear their kimono.
Secondly, a great haul at an antique/secondhand clothing stall at a local fair on Sunday.  These were the treasures I really couldn't resist:  two lovely silk scarves,

 some gorgeous lace hankerchiefs (think I'm having a blue and white phase),

 and finally this gorgeous litte butterfly brooch in purple shiny things (glass I guess!),

Thirdly, I've had a lovely day out at the local farm park with DH, his brother, Terry, who's visiting from NZ, DD and both GSs. 
 These goats would be in trouble in my house!
 Big GS helped Little GS ride on a tractor.
Little GS was very good at pushing my wheelchair - until we got to a downhill slope and I nearly rolled into a pen of lambs!
We discovered that Sam can climb farm gates!
 After a lot of patience on DD's part Sam finally overcame his fear of this guinea pig and stroked it.  We don't know why he's scared of guinea pigs but not of massive cows, horses and donkeys!
Feeding the ducks with the remains of our picnic.
Tomorrow we're off to Wisteria Patchwork, a quilt shop near Lincoln that I've never visited before...watch this space!


  1. Not letting the leg slow you down then! LOL, glad you're having fun!

  2. Such darling pictures, but those goats would be in big trouble if that were my table. Even Nikko doesn't get anywhere off the floor!

  3. Nothing more frustrated than slow internet. Glad you can have a respite at DD and to enjoy the GCs at the same time. I love the kimono brooches/postcards. Lucky recipients to get them - Hugs

  4. I'm pleased you're still able to get out and about despite the wheelchair. It looks like a fun day out at the farm. I love the blue hankies with white lace - what a lucky find!
    Teresa x

  5. Received my kimono card today and it's really gorgeous, love it! Thank you soooo much.

    Looks like you all had a good time at the farm.

  6. Pleased to see the lovely smile on your face! It looks like you've been busy girl, even been down on the farm, fun time spent with family is always precious! Have fun at the quilt shop...stupid thing to say really of course you'll have fun at the quilt shop... silly me!


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