Friday, 29 July 2011

Sewing Day

I've had a lovely day today at my Norfolk quilt group.  I was in my wheelchair and I was so grateful (and I must confess, a little surprised) that so many people made a special effort and came over to speak to me as I wasn't able to get around the room easily, I really, really appreciated it.  Quilters are such nice people.  We weren't in our usual hall and so it was a handsewing-only meeting.  I finished my fabric postcards for the BQLPC swap except for zigzagging the edges and then did lots of EPP clamshells, while chatting and drinking the tea that people kindly made for me. 
Do you like the little Aurifil button I've added to the righthand column?  I love these threads and highly recommend them.  They are especially low lint in machines and beautiful to hand sew with too.


  1. I've heard a lot wnoutthe threads, I've never used them but plan to pick to pick some up at FoQ

  2. I am always looking for good hand quilting thread but have not seen that. The craft shop has several rows of threads but not that brand. Perhaps I can find some at the next quilt show where foreign venders come.

  3. I love Aurifil Threads. They are so fine and strong. Perfect for Piecing and Hand applique. The look gorgeous as a topstitching thread on garments too.

  4. Aurifil is on my 'to buy @ FoQ' list, as my LQS has Gutermann polyester/cotton threads which I have used for my handsewing, but it has a nasty habit of twisting on itself while I'm sewing.

  5. I'm glad you had a good day at the quilt meeting. Quilters are the best! Not all that was lost being on the wheelchair then! Hugs Nat

  6. I like Aurifil Threads. They are so fine and strong. Perfect for Piecing and Hand applied. The look gorgeous as a top stitching thread on garments too.


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