Friday, 1 July 2011

BritQuilt Swap Arrived Today

I had a wonderful parcel in the post today, a quilt from my secret partner in the BritQuilt Swap.  Wow, thank you Ethne, I am absolutely over the moon with the gorgeous quilt you made for me and all the lovely goodies you included in the parcel.  During the swap we have been posting "work in progress" pictures on Flickr and I have to admit to coveting this quilt but I never dared to expect that it would be for me.  When Ethne posted a picture of the quilt all finished I commented,
"This is absolutely gorgeous and I have just the right place for it in my little house, I wish! Beautiful stitching and such a great palette and design, all yummy."
Here is "Tranquillity" already hanging in my house, it's in my guest bedroom which has a Japanese theme so it fits in beautifully.
I've taken some close up pictures so that you can appreciate the wonderful quilting that Ethne has done, in fact DH was with me when I opened the parcel and he immediately exclaimed, "Now that's what you call quilting".  Ethne has painted with the thread to create wonderful texture and movement in the picture, clever girl.

 Here's the lovely label that Ethne printed for the quilt:
Here are the extras that Ethne so kindly included with the quilt, chocolate, mmmm gorgeous (but DH saw it in the parcel so I will have to share) and these wonderful fabrics that she dyed including the shibori piece.  I am planning to do something very special with that.

I am delighted with my side of this swap and I've just read on Judith's blog that she has received the quilt I made for her and is also pleased, phew!  Many thanks to all the organisers.  If you're a Brit quilter why not join the Flickr group now and be ready for the next swap?  Thanks to Teresa for getting me into this.  Have a great weekend everybody.


  1. Bless you Lis for your very kind words of thanks - I'm so very pleased you like the quilt and the pieces of fabric - having seen your earlier post on the shobri workshop I thought you might like a specially created piece of fabric which you can experiment with at your leisure (and the other hand dyed fabrics to compliment it)
    Richest blessings to you both

  2. Lis you really hit the jackpot getting a beautiful quilt from Ethne. I'm coming to stay again soon so that I can stretch out in the guest room and stare at the quilt.

  3. Well, sitting half a world away in hot muggy Tokyo, I am amazed at the way a typically Japanese design can show up anywhere.The world is becoming smaller and that is a lovely interpretation. Ethne did a great job and seemed to know what you like.

  4. Great photos of your beautiful quilt, Lis. It really is very special, Ethne is a real artist!


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