Sunday, 3 July 2011

Mother and Daughter Delights

I had a lovely day yesterday when DH and I went over to visit DD and do jobs for her.  Al put a new electric socket in her bedroom, fixed her lawn mower so that it doesn't electrocute her again and fixed a gate between the garden and the car port to keep DGS Sam in (or out, depending how you look at it).
I had the better part of the deal imho, I helped her make the final drape for her bedroom storage (no photo as I reckon a lady's bedroom is something that shouldn't be shown on the internet) and then we sorted out clothes for our holiday and she gave me two dresses that no longer fit her but do fit me, woo hoo!!  A little gentle weeding and then Saz cooked us a delicious lunch including her very FIRST  POTATOES.  She is over the moon with her veggie garden and is having great success.  We sat in her garden and saw the Thunderbirds fly over!  (no, not the Tracy brothers, FAB, the US equivalent of our red Arrows display team, the Waddington Air Show is on this weekend)

When I was at the Quilters' Guild day in Norfolk last week Steve from Sewing Machine World just happened to be there and just happened to have a second hand Janome for sale that was very tempting so I sent DD a text, "would you like a sewing machine, yes or no, no conditions?" and the answer came back a very excited "yes please".  So, I got the machine from Steve and yesterday I gave my little Janome to Saz.  Last night I get a telephone call about the thread breaking....golly, she's already using it.  A Skype video call later and I've guided her on threading the machine properly and next thing I know she's making a bag for our forthcoming trip to Italy (burglars need not make notes, DH is house sitting, he's not keen on the heat).  Wow, you grow girl and you sew girl!!  I can't wait to see what she's made and she wants to go to the LQS asap, look, look, look, see the smiling Mummy doing a happy dance.
Today I'm packing.  It seems to be more difficult to pack for a week than when we got to NZ for months and months.  We are going to Italy on Friday, staying in Sorrento and doing all the classics things - we've justified it as a study trip for Saz, yeah right!  I love this Mummy/Daughter stuff.  We're going to Pompeii and are very excited.  Sam has been signing and saying "aeroplane" for weeks and putting clothes in his Very Hungry Caterpillar trolley.  I hope to be blogging from there so you can share our trip.  Right, back to the suitcase, now where did I put that suncream?


  1. Lovely - another person brought over to the quilting (or at least sewing!) fold - well done you, well done Saz!

    I hope you have a lovely time in Italy.

  2. Haha - gardening, cooking, sewing, I'm turning into a proper little house-wife. Oh, wait. House-mother then? Home-maker??

  3. Another one to the dark side, all very well, but that means more demand for fabrics! LOL

  4. What fun! I am excited for both of you.
    Enjoy your trip

  5. I just took a call from my youngest daughter and I envy you being together ... but ... hand-me-down clothes? now, that is something else. Have a great trip and take lots of pictures.

  6. I have been playing with my sewing machine this morning and all those hours of watching my mum come back to me thru osmosis I think. I was never good at much except straight lines but am finding as I get older my head can get around the upside down inside out bits of sewing.

    Dinner looks yummy, she can cook too ;-)

    Have a great holiday, can I carry your bags??

  7. Your blog is lovely Lis. I'm now following you too :)
    I'm a bit jealous of your Italy trip!

  8. Have a great trip, Lis :)

  9. Have a lovely time, and I'm looking forward to photos and stories about Italy.

  10. Hope you are having a lovely time. I love Sorrento. Used to have the most fantastic pasta at a restaurant at the top end of the main square, under the trellis.


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