Friday, 22 July 2011

Friday Night Sew-In: Report, July 2011

I'm still sitting all day with my knee splinted so I actually had an All Friday Sew-In apart from a couple of hours out to pick up a wheelchair on loan from the Red Cross and to see my GP about the drama queen fainting fits I keep having (the last one leading to a series of obs inside an Italian ambulance).
I did some more EPP clamshells
and then made a start on my fabric postcards for the latest swap I've signed up for at BQLPC.  The theme is "oriental" so, of course, I headed to Japan for my inspiration.  I've had this lovely pattern for a kimono for a long time, it's by Ursula Riegel at Designs to Share and is called "Monoki".  (clever eh?)  I had to do all the sewing by hand and the kimono will look better with a bit of a press and with a decorative button on the front but I think they're rather neat.

I'm trying to decide whether to attach them permanently to the fabric postcards, or just add them with stitch or two so that they can be removed and used as hanging decorations.  What do you think?  Either way they won't be going through the post naked, I'm popping them into transparent envelopes for safety.
I had a good read through the latest issue of British Patchwork and Quilting and entered their giveaways and then decided to add the gorgeous quilt by Lynne Edwards that is featured on the cover to my to do list.
DH brought me my lunch and then it was time for some more stitching.  He was dispatched to my "atelier" to find my Storm at Sea miniature quilt (do you remember this one from a million years ago?!) and that's what I worked on during the afternoon.  I'm too weary to stitch all evening but I hope you all have a great FNSI, I'll be thinking of you.


  1. i'm loving those kimonos. i would attach them to the postcard with a pinback so they can be removed and worn by the recipient.
    take care of yourself.

  2. These kimono are adorable. Hope your knee is getting better with every passing day.

  3. Hi Lis

    Pleased things are coming along for you and although you are "not quite well", you are still enjoying your stitching. DH seems to be taking his nursing, fetching and carrying duties very seriously. Get well soon.

  4. Those little kimono look like fabric origami.
    You have managed to get a lot done and your husband seems like a real treasure!

  5. Poor you Do you know how long you'll be like this? Hopefully just long enough to still enjoy husband waiting on you, but no longer than that!

  6. Those kimono's are cute I like the idea of attaching a pin to the back they would make a lovely brooch!
    It sounds like Al is doing a good job of looking after you, my thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery...
    Hugs and Blessings

  7. The kimono's are really cute. Hope you get those fainting fits sorted, you really don't need that with your knee as well. Hugs Angela.

  8. The kimonos are so cute! Get well soon!

  9. Those kimonos are so sweet!! I think they would make lovely little ornaments! Wishing you a speedy recovery Lis! Doesn't sound like fun at all!!

  10. The little kimonos are so cute! I'm resisting the urge to add any new projects to my list at the moment but that means I must crack on with what's already on it!
    I hope your knee heals soon. I'm sure the resting will be helping but it's good to have someone to rely on in times like this.
    Teresa x


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