Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Anglo-Japanese Paper Piecing

Here are some of my EPP clamshells.  I use any pieces of Japanese fabrics I have left from other projects to make these little pieces and (eventually) they will become a large quilt.  I haven't joined any together so far as my thinking is that they will be stitched to a background of indigo fabric and then outlined with sashiko stitches that will graduate to fade away (if you know what I'm visualising).  It's a lovely little project to grab and go and one that will probably run for years.  My first ever EPP was a hexie bed quilt that became a cushion when I got bored.  Since then I've done EPP blocks for my sampler quilts but nothing big.  I now appreciate that there isn't a time limit - which is probably why quilt groups inherit bags and bags of hexagons from members who have gone to the great quilting bee in heaven!
Thank you for all your good wishes, my knee is less painful today and I think it is less swollen too, I'm resisting the temptation to try a step or two.
Finally today, some bad news.  This beautiful A4 quilt
was stolen from a quilt show in Lincolnshire recently.  If you know anything about it please get in touch and I'll pass the information on.  I hope somebody has an attack of guilty conscience and says they've "found" it.


  1. How large are those clamshell bits? I've never tried that method.
    I'm glad to hear the knee is doing better. Two years ago I fell ofer the dog when packing up after Scout camp and hit my knee. It was swollen and purple for several weeks but no real damage yet from time to time it lets me know I have not aleays treated it kindly. knees can be very temperamental.
    Shame on someone stealing that quilt!

  2. Hi Lis, I hope you are resting up the knee. Your post made me laugh so hard. Those EPP projects are propping up everywhere on blogland. This quilt sound gorgeous. Indigo border and shashiko how delicious! You have to dye your own indigo ne?

  3. Wow I don't know if I have enough patience to make clamshells but they do look gorgeous!
    It's a shame about the quilt I hope it turns up!


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