Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Another One to the Fold

Hooray, hooray, my DD has been "bitten", please pop over to her blog, tulipsandcherrytrees and see what she's made.  Clever girl.


  1. Thanks for the link. I signed on as a follower... I like her blog. I know how you feel. My daughter took up sewing quilts!!! Still gives me a tingle these several years later.

  2. Woohoo... you do realise you will have to share your stash now, don't you? Lolly(DD2) has eyed up all sorts of goodies in my stash, Lol
    I'm sure you will create lot's of wonderful memories sewing together! I'll pop over now and see what she's made.

  3. Well done for managing a conversion! I've recommended that Suz raids your stash (hee hee!) - after all, sharing is what Mum's do, isn't it?
    If you are lucky she might make you a bag too....

  4. Isn't that wonderful, you must be so thrilled!

  5. I've just been over and checked, yes, (slow sad shake of the head) she's caught the bug!! Yippee, another in the creative covern!

  6. Hi Lis...Natima has sent me over to visit you...I will check out your DD's blog...Dzintra


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