Tuesday, 19 July 2011

English Paper Piecing Project

I've been to the hospital today and I'm to have a week without using my knee and then a week trying to walk and seeing how I get on and then I go back to the hospital to have the progress or damage assessed! 
Hmm.  So I'm sitting on the sofa with my knee splinted and feeling pretty useless.  I could do loads of online shopping, or I could join in a Hexalong!
Lynne and Gayle have started a Hexalong for the summer, the post with all the information is here.  There are opportunities to share what you do on Lily's Quilts' Flickr group and lots of help, support and tutorials.  Today Lynne has posted about the basics of English Paper Piecing here
This doesn't have to be a new project, I'm sure most of us have some hexagons (or other tessellating shapes) sitting in a bag or drawer somewhere.  Pull them out, they're the ideal project for taking out and about this summer, pop a few in your handbag, have some in the car, do a few when you have a few minutes to yourself....
I already have an ongoing EPP project, my Japanese clamshells.  I've asked DH to find them and bring them to me, along with a nice cup of tea and a bowl of fresh cherries and my afternoon is sorted!  Photo tomorrow (I couldn't push my luck and ask for the camera and computer lead too now could I?)


  1. Your hobby sounds like mine. Do anything for me. I have to be careful not to become a despot.
    Wish I would have had a hexi project on Sunday when I waited in the car for him for more than 2 hours... I read the yellow pages book that was in the back seat.
    Hope all turns out wonderfully with your knee.

  2. Gosh if you're like me it is hard to sit still for long without being able to get up and do something! The Hexi sound like a plan though I wonder how many you'll get done...
    Be a good girl now and rest up just like the doctor ordered and I'm sure you'll be up and about in no time! Perhaps you could write some good old fashioned letters and surprise a friend...

  3. I love hexagons and have palnned a little "hex" project of my own for the Summer. Maybe it would fit in with the Hex-a-long.

    Look after yourself. See you soon??

  4. Oh Lis, I have been thinking about you and your poor knee. Do take it easy as those things come back to haunt you later, even after they seem better. How lucky to have such a helpful husband. Mine might be able to find a cup of tea but quilting??? He can't even find his own glasses five minutes after he has taken them off.(and he knows what they look like).

  5. Ouch! I've only just read your earlier post - how miserable to do this. I hope that a week without using it does the trick.
    Hope you enjoy the paper piecing projects. Like lots of other people I always have a few hexagons lurking ready for when I need brainless hand sewing!


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