Saturday, 20 August 2011

Friday Night Sew-In: Saturday Report, August 2011

Last night was Friday Night Sew-In for August and I got rather waylaid by climbing French beans!  We've been (ha ha) away for a few days and so DH went to the garden and picked all the beans that had grown while we were away.  It was rather too many for dinner last night so before I started sewing I blanched the beans and got them safely into the freezer.
While in the kitchen I thought I'd do a very experimental piece of natural dyeing.  When we were in Norfolk earlier this week the beach was covered by the most amazingly pink seaweed.
I gathered some up and tied it into a piece of cotton which I've left to brew.  I'll post the results when I unwrap the parcel.  I read Fiona's post on dyeing with seaweed which was very helpful.
I then got started on Operation Cardigan.  DD and I both bought some cardigans from H&M and decided we would jazz them up and make them look less like £10 cardis and (hopefully) more like designer numbers by adding some goodies from the haberdashery department.  This navy one now has pearl buttons and little bows and ribbon on the pockets.  What do you think?

Finally last night I made a start on my Southern Belle bag which I bought from Chilford last year.  All's going well so far but I got tired and as I know that the later at night I sew the more I have to unpick in the morning I called it a night and finished off the limoncello nougat that I brought back from Italy, mmmm.


  1. love the addition to your cardigan. looking forward to the results of that seaweed dyeing.

  2. I love what you did with the cardigan. I may just borrow your idea, with your permission of course.

  3. Love your altered cardigan. The seaweed dyeing woo hoo. I'm with anticipation to see the results - now you started something! Have a lovely weekend - Hugs Nat

  4. Way to go! Make it your own.
    I await the seaweed experiment results.

  5. Does the dyeing work with any seaweed? I have access to a lot of it on the beach here [Petone, NZ]and I love the cardigan! what a great idea; simple yet so effective.

  6. A great variety of activties here. The pink seaweed is amazing - I hope the dying is successful. Love the idea to embellish the cardigan. Not only does it look good, it'll be unique!
    Teresa x

  7. I thought that picture of the seaweed was a piece of handmade paper or some embroidery at first! Good job on the cardi make-over, I keep meaning to do this to my clothes too but I'm a bit scared I'll ruin them!


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