Thursday, 23 January 2014

A Taste of Japan

We held a bring and buy sale at Country Roads Quilters on Tuesday and I was tempted by a wooden pin cushion/cotton reel stand. Okay, so it isn't an antique Japanese sewing box, shown below, with the elevated pin cushion but it's probably as close as I'm going to be able to afford (and if I squint)!
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Today I have made it more "me" and more Japanese by re-covering the pin cushion with a little piece of persimmon-dyed tenugui all the way from Fujino and a little sashiko-style stitching. I'm very pleased with it. Thank you to whoever brought it to the sale.


  1. How lovely! I always feel somewhere to put the discarded pins is only half the problem, this solves the thread half too!

  2. What an interesting piece! Love your fabric and stitching on it too.

  3. That is a clever piece of kit! Di x

  4. Very nice and probably more useful to you in the long run than an old Japanese haribako. I have one of the type shown in your post, although mine is not in such good condition - very dark wood, cracked and may be older. However, I've only ever used it as a photo/exhibition prop. Unless you are going to sit seiza on the floor, it isn't easy to use the pincushion at that height.

  5. what a lovely little piece. I've always fancied a Japanese sewing box, too but they are not always in such good shape as your picture and a bit pricey.

  6. Your little piece is both pretty and practical! The title of your post caught my eye - this time last year I was still living in Japan and lately I've been missing it!


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