Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sewing, At Last

I have finally got sewing, after a long break.  My sewing room is tidy and I know where most things are (the drawer of "gadgets and accessories" still needs attention) and I have a running order.
So far this year I have made a second little bag for Beads of Courage, almost finished my Hadrian's Wall journal quilts and made them into a textile book and layered and machine quilted my birthday blocks from my Global Piecer friends.
I have some enjoyable hand stitching to do.
Firstly, the final page of the Hadrian's Wall book which is dyed with leaves, lichen and bark found in the area and needs embroidery.  Secondly, the birthday quilt needs some hand quilting and then binding and labelling.
I also have an additional project.  Before Christmas my sister and I sorted out a lot of Mummy's art and craft things.  She was a talented water-colourist, a knitter and did tapestry.  In addition to lovely examples of her work in these areas we found a partly worked quilt.  In typical Mummy fashion it is all recycled fabric, the plain is curtain lining, the patterns are from sample books, old clothes etc.  The papers are cut from Christmas cards which makes the work very heavy at the moment and quite rigid.  The weights of the fabrics vary and the colours represent the entire rainbow.
In with the quilt was a stock of fabric pieces, a supply of old Christmas cards, a reel of thread, a needle and Mummy's Singer scissors.  I agreed with my sister that I would finish the quilt.  I will be making hexagons and half-hexagons whenever I have time to spare, in front of the television, in the waiting room at the hospital etc etc, it will be my current portable project.  We haven't discussed what we will do with the finished quilt.
On Tuesday it will be the first meeting of Country Roads Quilters in 2014.  We have an exciting year ahead, with a busy programme of meetings, I'm looking forward to catching up with all the members, it seems a long time since we met for our Christmas event.


  1. Good to know you are busy quilting again. The Hadrian's wall book is full of memories, as is your mother's hexagon quilt. I guess you can remember some of the recycled pieces of fabric, maybe find the clothes they come from in photographs. You and your sister can become quilt detectives.
    Have fun at Country Roads!

  2. Your Hadrian's Wall book is beautiful and what a lovely reminder of a happy holiday with Sam (who I hope is improving). Your mum's quilt is in the tradition of quilting and recycling, it will be a wonderful project to keep with you.

  3. wonderful projects, filled with memories. A great start to a new year, good to know you are keeping busy.

  4. How wonderful to have a quilt which your Mum was working on - such a great piece of family history. I am the only one in my family who quilts, as far as I know, so do wonder where I got the quilting bug from.

  5. So busy, you put me to shame. I love that you will be finishing your mothers quilt

  6. Mum's quilt looks lovely, great that you are able to finish it - you can do the sewing and sis can start taking out the tacking stitches and papers !!!!


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