Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Takehisa Yumeji

A "game" to promote art and artists is running on Facebook at the moment.  "Like" the status and your friend sends you details of an artist to explore.  You then post your favourite piece of their work and copy the status, giving your friends artists to explore when they click "like".  Susan Briscoe gave me Takehisa Yumeji, who I had never heard of, but guessed might be Japanese!

There is a wealth of information on the web of course.  This site: http://www.myjapanesehanga.com/home/artists/takehisa-yumeji-1884-1934
is well illustrated and this picture of a young, pensive Takehisa put me in mind of Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

So, I have to choose a favourite.  Too difficult when I've only just met the guy.  I like the "art nouveau" style ladies in their beautiful kimonos:

"Toronagashi (Lantern float)"

the natural settings and also the Mabel Lucie Atwell style illustrations for children:
Ring Around the Mountain
December 1922. Takehisa Yumeji

So today I choose an appropriate picture as my favourite and continue my exploration of Takehisa Yumeji's work.  This is Waiting for Spring.


  1. TY is famous for his beautiful kimono clad women.

  2. Thanks Lis. I found his work quite stunning. Must admit I loved his art nouveau pieces too. Saw a few Art Deco kimonos a few years ago at the NGV and the images of his work reminded me.

  3. Love the images of this artists work. Must admit I like the art nouveau ones best. Saw some Art Deco kimonos at the NGV a few years ago and the images reminded me.


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