Friday, 10 January 2014

Starting the Year with a Sort Out

How do you store your fabric? 
I have emerged from several days in my sewing room, restoring it to a place to stitch and be creative rather than somewhere to dump things that weren't needed over the Christmas period. 
I keep fabric in plastic storage boxes, but how to organise it?  I have ended up with:
Plain colours 
Plain black, white or natural 
Patterned, lengths
Patterned, FQs
New Zealand & Australian
African and batiks

Then there were the projects to organise. (Yes, this wasn't all a result of the Christmas dumping).  I have new projects to start, started projects to finish, started projects that probably won't be finished...and some projects that I'd completely forgotten about. 

Threads.      Gadgets & Tools.      Notions.     Books.   

I think things will work, I've found my sewing table, which has got to be a good  start. 


  1. It seems to be the time of year for reorganising doesn't it? My wet studio and my sewing room are both in a state of disarray and I have started the mammoth task of decluttering. Finding a system to organise fabrics is always a bit of a quandry isn't it? However I arrange it I will never live long enough to use it all!

  2. wow, a desk! Mine is *never* that clear!!!!!!

  3. After having sorted my stash of fabric into boxes, it is much easier to find what I am looking for. I liked the storage system so much I promised myself I would return any unused pieces to the right box as soon as possible.
    The boxes are labeled: pink/blue etc/pattern/batik/Japanese/fancy dress fabric, felt and scraps. The last box is getting fuller and fuller of small bit and pieces... I soon need a new box.

  4. It must be in the air! I am getting my fabric put back. I use stacking boxes (dark, medium,light for blues and greens, red, orange, yellow, brown, purple,black, gray, white,beige, large prints, plaids, stripes, and a huge bin for solids sorted into plastic bags. I have tins of other things like cut squares. Still, i have piles to sort and spent a few hours yesterday cutting small scraps into squares. I think being organized is worth every minute it takes.

  5. Well done on making a start! I'm wondering if I could actually just use up everything and therefore give myself less tidying to do. Might work better if I sewed more and bought less, of course, and also if I stopped finding other interesting-looking ideas which mean that I buy even more 'stuff'! Good luck with the project!


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