Thursday, 30 January 2014

Sam is Six

Today is Sam's sixth birthday.  Oh my goodness, I have a daughter who has a six year old, how do these things happen?!
The celebrations will be spread over the week and began last night with a birthday tea at Pizza Hut in the company of grandparents.  
Sara bought Sam a till and it was the success of the evening, Sam "scanned" all his presents and he and Sara had a great time playing "shops" between courses.
 A pirate cake went down well, especially as the staff and most of the restaurant joined in singing "Happy Birthday" to Sam,
Of course, with a child's birthday party it is to be expected that someone will get over excited, maybe be a bit silly and spoil themselves!  All that junk food and being up beyond bedtime can be blamed. Not the child in this case, who behaved perfectly, but the adults who had a wonderful and silly time with the balloons!!
Happy Birthday Sam!!


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