Thursday, 18 August 2016

Festival of Quilts 2016 - Bernina Baby

This wasn't in the bag with the needles and thimbles (and thread, and fabric, and...), it has just been delivered.
What's in the box? Looks exciting.
Oooh, threads, my colours too, that's clever Bernina!
Lots of gadgets. DH is reading the manual and I'm thinking I'll make a special bag for those feet and little bits.
Happy bunnies.


  1. Looks like a steep learning curve to me....

  2. Oh wow! What a birthday pressie!!!!!

  3. I see you got hypnotised at FOQ! Does this mean the needles you got were all machine needles? The thread reels for machine? Does this mean no more sashiko on boro?
    A birthday present?! Ah, it's Al's birthday, and you bought it for him, that's why he's reading the manual! So we'll see lots more of your hand quilting then!? Ha, ha!

  4. Love Queeniepatch' sense of humour. Have fun. Always a xciting trying out a new machine. Enjoy

  5. A man, reading a manual?! Now that is new! Bernini must be psychique with those colours too. :-) Enjoy!

  6. I'm wondering if Al is preparing to go to FOQ with you next year? Have fun, hope we hear from you occasionally when you tear yourself away from the stitches


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