Sunday, 14 August 2016

Festival of Quilts 2016 - The Lincolnshire Country Roads Quilt

Let's start with some of the quilts, and with the most important quilt in this year's festival - the Country Roads Quilters' group quilt, our first group quilt and being exhibited in FoQ was a first for everyone involved.

We were all very pleased with our quilt and indebted to the project co-ordinator, Liz Lane.  We look forward to reading the judges' comments but we know we did our absolute best at this point in our group's quilting career.
It was very special for me to meet up with Janine Ibbini, one of my Indigo Sisters from our time in Fujino, Japan.  Janine was a judge at FoQ this year and, although she didn't judge our quilt, it was very lovely of her to comment on Facebook pictures of our quilt,
"I spotted this quilt while I was chatting to someone and took a photo as I think it's a beauty!! How cool is that to know it's yours!! I love the colour scheme."
Wow, thank you Janine!!

This is our "blurb" about our quilt:
The colours in each country road block represent Lincolnshire.  Our beautiful county has rolling green pastures and distinctive soils while expansive farmland gives us big skies and glorious sunsets reaching the sea.  Red represents the cross of St George in the Lincolnshire flag with the blocks separated by country roads.

Our quilt was positioned alongside the winning quilts (did they just forget to pop the rosette on ours?!!) and so we had a great opportunity to admire the most excellent work at close quarters after adoring our own efforts.  Here are a few, with some close-ups, (apologies for missing one or two names):

 Office Doodle 1 by Sarah Humphreys

Paradise in Bloom, Robyn Fahy

Dyeversity, Sussex Spectrum

New Beginning, Elfriede Grooten

Leah Higgins, Ruins 6

Infinity, Sandy Chandler


  1. Your Country Roads quilt is beautiful, a great effort. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful quilts. The standard looks very high this year.

  2. Thanks Lis, it is always so nice to see what is on offer at quilt shows. Congratulations on your group quilt.

  3. Thanks for sharing Lis, what a wonderful opportunity to view some truly magnificent quilts. The CRQ quilt certainly lives up to your descriptor. And how lucky are you to bump into another of the indigo sisters. What fun.


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