Thursday, 4 August 2016

Getting Ready for Festival of Quilts

I've been a busy bunny today, getting ready for going to the Festival of Quilts next week.
I've started to make a few lists - what to see, what to buy.  Then I thought it would be nice to cover my notebook.
Next I thought I'd like to have a new bag.  I only need to buy needles and a new thimble so I thought a small bag would do! Hmm, just in case I buy a little more I made the Natsu bag from Japan Crafts.  "Natsu" means Summer and this enormous bag would hold everything necessary for a day by the sea so it should be big enough for my needles and thimble!!  The bag is an easy pattern made of 40 charm squares and a metre of fabric.  There's quite a lot of hand sewing and I used an extra strong thread, just to be on the safe side.
I've nearly finished the journal quilt for August, just some stitching to do.
Green has been the colour for these four months:
Right, back to those lists I think. I'm only going to FoQ for two days so I've got to be a bit organised to see everything I want to see, including, of course, the Country Roads Quilt.


  1. Oh, I so wish I would have a chance to visit the show again, alas, not this year. Have a great time!
    You have a super bag and a super notebook, and the journal quilt is looking good. The green really 'sings'.

  2. Fill up that bag and have a blast!

  3. Have a wonderful time. One day, maybe. Your bag looks wonderful with plenty of room for your journal and new needles and thimble. Those journal quilts are looking relaxing with just that zing of colour.

  4. love them all, the journal quilt looks lovely,as does the journal cover. Hope you are going to show us what you filled the bag with, have fun!

  5. I'm there Thursday and Friday- I'll look out for you!


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