Sunday, 21 August 2016

Festival of Quilts 2016 - Confessions of a Needle Buyer

Okay, I guess it's time to own up, especially as several of you dear readers don't seem to believe there were only needles and a thimble in my FoQ bag!

At The New Threads Quilt Shop stand you could mix and match Aurifil threads to your own requirements.  Although Aurifil do their own sets there is always one colour or two that I don't really want so I jumped at this opportunity.  How strange, I ended up with a box of blue and white thread!!  I have the 12wt lana (red reel), 50 wt (the orange reel ends) which I use for almost everything and I bought two reels of 28 wt (the grey ends) for hand work.
Next to Japan Crafts and the lovely Katie who was doing a roaring trade with bolts, FQs and kits.  I bought these two fabrics to make a reversible skirt
and this very cute bag kit (and admired my self restraint).
Next, an unusual purchase for me these days, a quilt kit.  I'd seen this Blue Barn fabric from Moda on The Bramble Patch's Facebook page and fallen in love with it.  
The next purchase was more of an impulse buy after I'd seen a friend's beautiful bag pattern and fabric from Fabric Affair who sell Donegal tweed.  I bought a length of tweed and a set of nine squares to make a double-sided and very warm and cosy throw.
Finally, I visited Caroline Hill and bought these wonderful eco-dyed fabrics and threads as well as a beautiful scarf.  I know I could do things like this myself but I don't seem to get round to it and her pieces were so gorgeous I just couldn't resist.
Oh, and I bought some needles too, but no thimbles, I've decided to attempt to make one out of leather using my Japanese one as a pattern.


  1. well done, Lis. I knew you could fill the bag. Bryan stitched us a leather thimble, and we really needed one with the heavy denim he gave us, unfortunately mine didn't get home with me. I'm looking for some leather to make another.

  2. Well done, I would have been so disappointed if you had bought just needles and thimbles!

  3. Well done on your beautiful purchases and also on your restraint ;-) I love the fabrics for your reversible skirt. I've bought Donegal weed in the past and made a bag for my small loom. It's a wonderful fabric, your throw is going to be very special xx


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