Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Festival of Quilts 2016 - Favourites

There were over 1000 quilts entered into the FoQ this year and I thought I saw them all.  Looking at other visitors' blog reports I find that either I missed many or I was at a different show from them!!  Anyway, here is a selection of quilts that just caught my eye for various reasons, and not just the blue and white ones!  It is quite interesting for me to note that many of them could be categorised in the "Modern Quilt" style, which I profess to dislike, I guess that's the difficulty with categories!
Sittin' in the Morning Sun, Burgess Hill School for Girls

On the Beach with Alice, Hazel Ryder

Starry, Starry Night, Jane Appelbee

Ebb and Flow, Roberta Le Poidevin

52 32' N, 04 03' W, Laura Kemshall
My favourite quilt in the exhibition and too long to photograph in one go, especially with the crowds of people surrounding it.  I'm sure it will be featured in the patchwork and quilting magazines' reports of the FoQ 2016.

Bubbles of Joy, Anne Lilliholm Jorgensen

Blueprint, Hilary Jackson

Background Noise, Lisbet Borggreen

Little Lollipops, Kathleen Moore

Pride, Charlotte Ward

Charming Checkmate, Sheena Norquay

Narrative: walking, Terry Donaldson

Bulrushes, Hilary Beattie

In the Fields, Linda Burgess

X Doesn't Mark the Spot, Nicholas Ball and Trudi Wood

Eccentric Crosses, Heather Hasthorpe and Mandy Parks

Life on the Reef, Rosemary Muntus

Diving Bird, Katrin Schroeder


  1. thanks Lis, they are all fantastic. I could never pick a favorite.

  2. Lis, Thanks for all the photos, I almost feel I was there.

  3. Lis, Thanks for all the photos, I almost feel I was there.

  4. Very interesting. I wonder how long that chair would last in the hot sun with someone sitting in it. Even the rnner I made for my husband's chair couldn't take his sitting on objects left piled on chairs.

  5. Fab. Thanks because I missed FOQ again this year. Lovely selection. Laura's quilt caused quite a stir!

  6. So many inventive quilts. They're all special but I love On the Beach with Alice. Great treatment. Thank you for all the photos.

  7. Thanks for showing the lovely work. Amazing.

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