Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A Delivery and A Finish

While grieving that the wonderful Roger Federer has been beaten at Wimbledon I have had two highlights today, firstly, my copy of the V&A quilt book arrived and secondly, I finished a quilt.

The book accompanying the V&A exhibition, "Quilts 1700 - 2010, Hidden Histories, Untold Stories" was written by Sue Prichard who curated the exhibition and I have been waiting excitedly for my copy to arrive.  Today was the day.  I obviously haven't had time to read very much but I am impressed with the quality of the images in the book.

About a third of the book is a catalogue for the exhibition, with good notes accompanying each quilt image.  I am appreciating the value of having the book and being able to study the quilts in detail.  I spotted the steam train in this 1842-52 hanging by James Williams of Wrexham, Wales when I saw the quilt in "real life" but I have seen so much more while looking at it this afternoon.
The catalogue is arranged in the same way as the exhibition; The Domestic Landscape, Private Thoughts, Public Debates, Virtue and Virtuosity, Making a Living, Meeting the Past.  

There are also some wonderful close-up images to enjoy, such as this one of the back of a 19th Century paper-pieced quilt, isn't it a delight?
The first part of the book is made up of essays and features that are intended to "challenge the assumption that stitching is simply 'women's work'."  These are arranged chronologically, beginning with the 18th Century and are also fully illustrated.  I like this photograph of the Hayling Island WI making quilts for Denman College which appears in Dorothy Osler's feature on British quilt-making in the first half of the 20th Century.
The book is not an academic history of quilting but rather, as it says on the back cover, "A celebration of more than 300 years of British quilts and patchwork" and I think it would make a good addition to any quilter's library. 

I am having a little celebration of my own as the dinosaur quilt which has been causing me so much trouble is finished.  I have had to do a lot of negative sewing on this quilt but I think my grandson, Wills, who is six in July, will be very pleased with it.  Don't tell him, it's a surprise (I'm sure he doesn't read my blog).
Just peeping out behind the top right hand corner of the quilt you can see my wonderful rose which has taken over an apple tree.  Here it is in its full glory, it's the Rambling Rector rose and is exquisite.


  1. I really love your dinosaur quilt to say it's caused you alot of grief it looks really great I bet your really pleased and your grandson will love it.
    happy quilting.
    Georgie xx

  2. Dinosaurs!! Perfect for a six year old. I love the effect from the black sashing.
    Teresa x

  3. Lis, I don't know which I envy more the fantastic book or the Rambling Rector. I had to leave mine behind in Somerset. Tell it to keep flowering until I get there so I can smell that wonderful perfume.

  4. Lis, the book sounds very interesting and fun to read with great pictures. Thank you for sharing some of the pics. I love your dinosaurs quilt I'm sure your lucky grandson will be thrilled.

    Happy stitching

  5. He will love the Dinosaurs I am sure! Great finish!

    I love poring over books like that. The hand work is amazing! Can you image quilting that close per inch and that accurate? We take such shortcuts! ;)


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