Sunday, 13 June 2010

A Lovely Weekend

This is my Nine Patch with a Wiggle all layered and pinned (not to the carpet I hope) and now I need inspiration for how I'm going to quilt it.
And this is an arty shot of the bracelet I made with those recycled glass beads from Magie Relph's African Fabric shop.
Oh and don't forget my little giveaway, you've got until Wednesday to enter.  Good luck.

I've had a lovely long weekend at my bach in Norfolk, doing a lot of stitching and a lot of relaxing too.  Here are a few photos that I took in the Norfolk countryside and finally two pictures of "my" lovely beach.  Enjoy.


  1. Norfolk countryside and seaside looks delightful and you even have lupin flowering - that definitely says seaside to me.

  2. Norfolk looks idyllic nd looks like you had a productive weekend. Maybe you should go with the wiggly theme and have wavey quilting lines too.

  3. Quilt looks great Lis! Love the pictures

  4. Wonderful scenic pics. Thanks for sharing them usw.

  5. Now you know Lis, don't you, that "bach" is a New Zealand word? At least I thought it was, perhaps the early settlers brought it out with them from England. They call them "cribs" in the South Island. How about a photo of your bach next time so we can check it out?

  6. Ha ha Jenny, that's why I call my chalet a "bach", it's my little bit of NZ!! It even has an NZ room, photos next visit!


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