Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sashiko Tutorial

I have been promising a Sashiko Tutorial for a while and today this popped into my email inbox from About Furoshiki


Beginning July 14, 2010

NEW:  We are beginning an online project to teach sashiko stitching. This is an absolute beginners tutorial, but will be enjoyable for any skill level.  We will walk you through making an 11 x 17 inch sashiko stitched project called dragonfly over diamond waves.  The tutorial is free.  The starting date is July 14, 2010.  The tutorial will be delivered through our Sashiko Stitchers newsletter and will include step by step how to, along with interesting history and tidbits about sashiko.  Register by signing up for our newsletter at or by emailing me

Rather than me reinventing the wheel and writing a tutorial I thought it would be a lovely idea if we all followed this one together, it's a gorgeous sashiko design for summer.  We have a couple of weeks to get fabric and threads together and don't have to work at the same pace.  If you like the idea, sign up below and add the button (right) to your blog.  Who's in?


  1. I'm in, just what I need something small and handstitched to work on.

  2. I just love it. Gorgeous Dragonfly :-) Yes Pleaase Count me in :-)

  3. That looks like just what I need! Great idea, now just to get the supplies.

    I am posting your Kimono tomorrow... sorry you have had to wait but the last week of term for school was a madhouse. will email postage details when it goes :-)

  4. Just found out about this today. Count me in! Mine will probably not be on blue, though, as I don't have any and I'm trying to use what I have before getting any more.

  5. Please add me to your tutorial email list. I have a quilt that needs a sashiko and have no one to teach me. Will have to improvise on supplies.


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