Wednesday, 9 June 2010

On Safari in Norfolk 2 - Progress Report

This is a progress report on the Nine Patch with a Wiggle quilt that I started with Magie Relph last Friday as I have signed the process pledge. 
I've completed the sixteen blocks - not that I planned to have sixteen, I had half a metre of each fabric and I've used it all up so sixteen blocks it is! 
I've added wiggly sashing in black, joining four blocks together, and all was going well until the final two strips after my bedtime on Monday evening. I really should learn when to stop. 
So on Tuesday morning I unpicked those final two strips which didn't quite match up!  Working more carefully and slowly I re-did those two strips and then joined two sets of four blocks together and added the side borders.  The final piecing step is to join the two pieces with a full length strip of wiggly sashing.  I've put this off for today - I'm learning!

I've been considering how I'm going to quilt this project but haven't made any decisions yet.  What I have decided is that I'm going to use gold fabric for the binding, I like little bit of bling and I hope it will echo the gold on the Japanese fabric.
Don't forget my little African bead giveaway, I'm really enjoying reading all your lovely ideas for using the beads, thank you.


  1. I really like this...can't wait to see the finished quilt.

  2. Wow it's coming together really well, I think gold will make the perfect binding too!

  3. I like the black sashing picking up the background from the japanese fabric.
    Teresa x

  4. This looks really interesting. You'll have to show me how it's done. Or perhaps an online tutorial?

  5. Somehow, this looks harder than free-piecing. Wow.

    It's coming together nicely. I like your fabric choices!

  6. I've just spent the last hour with a big mug of tea catching up with your blog. You've certainly been busy since you've got home. It was lovely to catch up with you and Al, even if it was such a short visit. I can now picture you in your sewing room making all your wonderful creations! Enjoy the V&A exhibition as that must be coming up soon.

  7. I'm working on a tutorial for wavy four patch at the moment - same principle, fewer seams! Watch this space. In the meantime I did a wavy seam tutorial a while back, it's at
    Lis x


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