Monday, 14 June 2010

Join the Slow Revolution

Since joining Rossie and taking the Process Pledge I've been thinking about something I read somewhere and would like to share, and I've finally found it.  Please don't think I'm  preaching by the way, I'm just sharing these thoughts and some lovely photos I took on the (top to bottom) Lincolnshire Coast, Norfolk Broads and West Coast of Scotland.
This was in an article in Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine last June (Vol 17 No 12, June 2009) about money saving ideas and written by Frances Mintrom.  
They might well be money saving ideas but, more importantly maybe, they may be sanity saving ideas!

"Join the slow revolution.  Instead of making fast quilts, concentrate on the process.  Take your time and enjoy the journey.  We are always rushing to our next event or destination - slow down and enjoy the trip.  Will the world fall apart if you don't make 25 or more quilts a year?  This doesn't mean you must hand sew everything, just take your time.  
Spend more time designing your quilt.  Think about trying a design that's a little more difficult that what you'd usually make.  This way you can expand your knowledge or concentrate on improving the quality of your workmanship.  
Select a larger variety of fabrics.  This means you can use all your small scraps.  It also makes it easier to add more fabrics if you run out of any one print.  
When you quilt, try to experiment with different quilting styles.  Do your quilts have as much stitching as show quilts?"
So, I'm joining the slow revolution, just as soon as I've got a dinosaur quilt finished for mid-July!!  


  1. I have seen that pledge around the blogs a lot lately. They are right we should take more time to enjoy the whole process.

  2. 162 bloggers have signed up on Rossie's linky so far, it's good isn't it?

  3. Certainly thought provoking and your right I feel like I have to make this quilt and that quilt and oh what about that other one...

  4. I have just started quilting again and ive been reading quilting blogs and am amazed at the pace that some people put out quilts. I have love affairs with my quilts, the process of loving it, hating it, coming to terms with its imperfections and loving it again! Right now im hand piecing one because my sewing machine is broke! I think making them that fast would be like a summer fling where you dont ever get to know the quilt you just have fun while it lasts... but i just dont think that would give me the emotional rewards that my love affair does!

  5. Love Tamara's likening of quick quilting to a summer romance! Lis x

  6. Nice. This is how I always function. Cool to finally be in the "in" crowd.


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