Sunday, 11 July 2010

A Beautiful Summer's Day for a Birthday Party

A 6th birthday party at the weekend and everyone had a great time and got very wet!  The only rules were, "Keep the water away from the adults", and, more importantly, "Keep the water away from the barbeque!"
Who says girls don't play with guns?!
Determined to get an apple from the bucket of water (I'm not sure how that bucket stayed intact with all the water that was being thrown about).
I said he'd look exactly like this when he has his 16th party, except he'll be groaning, "I'm never going to drink beer again, ever".
Little Izzie thought it was safe to throw water while her target had his head in a bucket!
And after all that water play they ended the party in the pool!  Just as well we haven't got a hosepipe ban here (yet).
It was so lovely to be able to enjoy our lovely summer weather, long may it last.

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  1. What a fab day you all had! And I'm very pleased to see girls playing with guns, (especially as I used to play with big guns!)


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