Saturday, 17 July 2010

Warning - Man in Quilt Shop

Yesterday was a wonderful day with scrumptious Sam and today is a momentous day for today my beloved Alan made his first purchase in a quilt shop.  Admittedly it wasn't exactly a fabric or a thread but I do believe it might be the start of something all the same.  Here he is at Wendy's lovely new craft shop in Friskney Eaudyke (isn't that an evocative place name?)
Wendy has not got her website complete yet (she's working on her C&G) but her shop is a treasure trove of crafty goodies, not just quilting related.  Well worth a visit if you're in the area and do keep an eye on her website if you're not local.  I'm looking forward to when she launches her full programme of workshops at Camelot Crafts, in fact I've already asked if I can move in!
Oh yes, what did Al buy?  Well, it's the strange-looking thing on his face - no, not the beard.  He bought a pair of Daylight's clip-on magnifying lenses to help him enjoy his antique pocket watches in close-up detail and he was daylighted (ha ha) with them.


  1. It's a great little shop I went on friday and treated myself to a few fat quarters and some fabric suitable for binding my 7 year quilt,it's a fab little place where I could spend hours and I have signed up for her workshops when she gets really going.It's just what the area needed!
    Love Georgie xx

  2. A message for Al from Ian - you're on a slippery slope....! The shop looks amazing, it's a shame it's not just down the road, although I am spoilt here with 4 shops within an hour's drive. Was that the dinosaur fabric you bought in New Plymouth?

  3. There's no doubt about it Lis, he's growing old disgracefully.


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